How to Become a Mobile App Developer Beginner’s Guide to App Development

During his college years, Sproat worked with NCR and then joined the company after graduating. He went from that position to a startup and then to another company in the same geographic area. That company transferred him to Dallas, where he remains today. According to, App Developers typically make between $58,421 to $76,517 per year.

  • These developers use programming languages such as Java, Swift, and C# to create apps for different platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • As a mobile app developer, you will be responsible for creating and designing the user interface and writing code that makes the app functional.
  • Mobile app development is a step up from general software engineering.
  • However, coding is only one part of the entire app development process.
  • The best way to do this is to find an existing app or project that you want to modify or improve upon and begin coding from scratch based on what you’ve learned.

Many websites offer free classes and tutorials, but you can also pay for advanced courses to improve your level. Apple provides the iOS Dev Center where you can watch courses and videos and get started with coding. You can change your language anytime using the menu at the top of the page.

How to Become an Application Developer

Talented developers who can build user-friendly apps are highly sought-after, well paid and respected within their organization. However, only a tiny fraction of those get to work on the cool stuff, like games. No matter what though, you, as a developer, get to create something out of nothing using only your brain and analytical skills. When you work in the tech industry, you need to always know what’s coming. One way to do that is to read tech magazines, as they often focus on what’s ahead. As new coding platforms and technology comes on the market, it’s your responsibility to learn it, so that you don’t become obsolete.

If you would like to learn in your own time, you can explore online courses. However, this track often takes longer because it is less comprehensive how to become a mobile developer and organized. As mentioned earlier, mobile app developers earn an impressive salary averaging $110,140 per year, according to the BLS.

Mobile App Development Trends of 2020

Primarily because tons of documentation is meant for Objective-C, and there are still thousands of iOS apps out there built with Objective-C. A phenomenal skill set and critical programming mind doesn’t demand the experience. So, try to strengthen your basics and skills to become a mobile app developer without any previous experience.

how to become a mobile developer

However, just because the app space is stuffed with millions of apps, it doesn’t mean you should be disheartened. You can also learn both if you want to explore your options. By continuing you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and you consent to receive offers and opportunities from Career Karma by telephone, text message, and email. You can also go straight to university and pursue your Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science. To become a viable candidate for senior positions, you can seek a master’s degree or doctorate. Gaining certifications is also an excellent way to further your career.

How to be a mobile application developer

They can also create applications for use across mobile and desktop spaces, particularly design and office programs. As a mobile engineer, you’ll be designing and building applications for mobile devices, but not all mobile devices run with the same operating system. This means, your technical skills will affect what class of devices you can work on.

  • This includes not only help files, examples and training materials, but also developer forums and other online communities that spring up around popular tools and languages.
  • That means software should be, among other things, functional, efficient, scalable, maintainable and safe from attackers.
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  • You can easily find such courses online on sites like Coursera, edX, etc., and that too for free.
  • Promoting an app and taking it to the market comes with a set of challenges that are not limited to stringent timelines, stiff competition, and lack of appropriate platforms.

The opportunity to be able to reinvent the way mobile technology is used. Software engineers are in-demand across organizations in every industry. Secure your future with a degree and additional certifications.

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